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Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC)
Tecnia is running its Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC). Entrepreneurship is a key element of industrialization and economic progress. Entrepreneurship has been found as a low cost and long term strategy for ensuring supply of right kind of entrepreneurs in the economy to sustain the development. Training students for developing their entrepreneurial capabilities through positive training interventions is the core strategy of Entrepreneurship Development Centre.
Date of Event Event Details Resource Person
12 Sep, 2011 Orientation Programme - BJMC I Year (I & II Shift) Students All Office Bearers of TIAS
28 Mar, 2011 Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Today's Youth Tomorrow's Entrepreneur for BBA III Year (I & II Shift) Students Mr. Ravi Gupta, EDP Workshop Coordinator, Mr. Anand Krishnan, Development Officer, NSIC Technical Services Centre