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Placement Guidelines
  • Pre-placement talks/tests (PPTs) are organised which provide an excellent opportunity to the students and the company to assess each other.
  • The students gain an insight into :
    a ) The Organization
    b ) Job Profile
    c ) Career Prospects
    d ) Remuneration offered
  • Students once selected in a company of his/her choice are not given another opportunity in other organizations till 80% of the students in the batch are placed successfully.
  • The Company notifies the Institute in writing on making an offer to the selected students.
  • Formation of a Student's Placement Committee comprising three students from each course i.e MBA, MCA, BBA, BJMC in consultation with the respective programme coordinators and faculty members based on the performance. The performance factors include attendance records, participations in general academic activities, seminars, presentations. A team of Placement Coordinators ensures the involvement of the student community towards the smooth conduct of the placement process.
  • Students missing three Interviews (provided the Institute receives prior information) and two interviews (in case the Institute receives no prior information) would not be allowed to participate in further placement activities.