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Social Value Events
Youth urged to imbibe Social moral values

The tradition of learning is rooted in the history of India. The emphasis on values and morals had always been a strong point of Indian culture whether formal or incidental. Education had always been looked upon as the most effective instrument for the inculcation of values and morals. Thus, despite the fact that education, in free India, has been imbued with social, economic, and political goals, its role in the cultivation of values and morals is still held to be its dominant function.

Need for Moral Values to B School Students

To stressed the need for inculcating patriotic values among Students.
To promote and ensure cultural and moral values among the youth.
To humane enough to be a good citizen to fight for the rights of helpless, the downtrodden and to be fearless and forthright in the face of adversity.

Values/Moral Education refers to ones learning how to think critically in addressing evaluative, especially moral, issues/dilemmas/controversies (e.g., abortion, death penalty, cloning, animal
rights, and divorce). Teaching the students the rational approach to evaluative problems is getting them to learn the habit of clear thinking, gauging and revising arguments, and using principles of good reasoning.

Youth Dilemma
Take the instance of stressful learning. Can any society ignore the increasing numbers of suicides before and after examinations, child abuse and molestation by teachers, violence within campus, fake degrees, and so much more?

Youth signifies and represents ideal-ism and hope. it is the perpetual responsibility to assist the youths in growing up with the eternal human values. Further, they need acquaintance with different facets of human quest that has led to generation, creation, dissemination and evolution of knowledge resulting in better understanding of the forces of nature, the world around us. They must prepare for new goals of life to pursue and the contributions they intend to make to society. The youths are to be taught to paint the vast canvas of life with ideas and activities that could help them visualize the future they are to create for themselves and their fellow men. They need to strive to know what is real and what is unreal. They could also be guided to appreciate that the search for truth is the ultimate goal.

In Tecnia values are taught systematically and are contained in the hidden curriculum as exemplified by the various events of the Institute e.g..

Plantation Drive Campaign
Anti Crackers Campaign
Plastic Plague Campaign
Blood Donation Campaign